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What is uhepp?

The term uhepp might refer to one of three distinct projects. It should be clear from the context which component is meant. The three parts are:

A storage format

The Universal HEP plot format defines a way to store the raw data and the visualization style in a single file. This allows for easy changes to the appearance, including colors, labels, or binning.

The specification does not force a particular syntax. You can store the data in your favorite format that supports lists and maps, for example, YAML or JSON.

Read the specs

A Python package

The uhepp Python package provides a simple method to access, manipulate, and create data stored in UHepp format. The package also serves as the reference implementation to render these plots as PDFs or other graphics formats.

Additionally, the Python package offers methods to push plots to or pull plots from a public web service.

Get the package

A web service

The web service uhepp hub offers a central database to store plots in uhepp-format. The service exposes a REST API to upload new plots or retrieve stored plots. Analysis code on remove computing notes can directly push results to this service.

The web service provides an interactive frontend that allows you to review plots in your browser or share plot books with your colleagues.

Let's get started

Get started in less than a minutes

  1. Install the latest Python package and
    pip install -U uhepp
  2. download the demo plot.
    import uhepp
    hist = uhepp.pull("a378d2b0-cde2-4266-be9b-85945d94880d")